Saving Private Brian

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Open Call – Saving Private Brian

Aimed at Portuguese or foreign artists residing in Portugal.

Today the world faces an unprecedented challenge. By the third week of the lockdown worrying testimonies began to pour within the artistic community and the cultural sector as a whole. Although, for many artists, social distancing may not mean a total halt in production, when it comes to income, the scenario is quite bleak for many and for others just plain miserable. This is a time - we won’t deny it - for introspection, but it must also be a time to act.

We have therefore decided to join forces to create a special program to encourage and support video production - our first territory of action and our true passion.

Today we launch an 'open call' directed young artists, Portuguese or residing in the country, working in the field of video, for a national competition, with a prize totaling €2.000,00, which will be shared by the top five selected artists. The final decision, uncontested and irrevocable, will be taken by an independent juri composed by Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão (Musa paradisiaca), Sara & André and Tiago Alexandre.


All portuguese artists residing in Portugal and foreign artists with residence in Portugal can participate.

Only one application may be submitted by each artist or collective.
Artists will be notified by email if their video is selected as of 22 May of 2020


Applications must be submitted online, in their own form, until 11:59 pm on 22 May of 2020.


The selection of the videos in the contest is the responsibility of the Jury. The videos are online for a certain period.

The jury consists of:

  • Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão (Musa paradisiaca)
  • Sara & André
  • Tiago Alexandre

The jury reserves the right to not award the prize if it considers it so.

Videos should be sent by WeTransfer to and the link inserted in the form.


Balaclava Noir acquisition prize in the total amount of € 2,000 + VAT to be divided equally by the five best videos, corresponding to € 400 + VAT for each awarded video.


Musa paradisiaca is a dialogue-based project by Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão. Founded on temporary partnerships with individual and collective entities of varying competence, it assumes different shapes, while always maintaining a discursive reference. Hence, it proposes to gradually construct a thinking family which is revealed by many voices.

Sara & André were born in 1980 and 1979. They studied, respectively, Stage Design at the School of Theatre and Cinema (Lisbon), and Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design (Caldas da Rainha). They have regularly exhibited their work since 2006.

Tiago Alexandre was born in the 80s in Lisbon.
He has a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, since 2012. In the same year, he was the author of the artistic residency Pé de Cabra: Its Not Basel But It Could Be, in Lisbon, raising questions about the role of environmental agents artistic, namely about the place occupied by artists and curators.
As a multidisciplinary artist, he uses various formal resources and media in his work, such as video, painting, drawing, sculpture, among others.


Open call closed!

Thank you for your participation

  • Primeira Desordem
  • Miguel Tavares
  • Stephanie Kyek
  • Felícia Teixeira, João Brojo e João Teixeira
  • Vitor Serrano